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Holiday Decorating Solutions

Ever tried to string a set of Christmas lights on an inconveniently shaped tree in your yard, or didn’t want people to see the wires wrapped around the white reindeer you’re trying to illuminate on your roof? Fortunately, today’s choices in LED holiday lights, which last a hundred times longer than incandescent lights and use only a fraction of the energy, offer a wealth of solutions to tricky decorating challenges.

Here are a few of the LED products designed to save time and make your life easier:

Net Lights

These make the task of decorating shrubs a breeze – no more threading strings through tight branches or wondering how lopsided the end result will be. Instead, create a uniform and beautiful pattern by simply draping the net over your low-growing foliage and bushes. Colors range from warm white to pure white to red to green and orange.

Trunk Lights

These trunk wrap sets offer the same time savings and beautiful result for decorating the trunks of trees, creating a stunning visual effect with installation that’s a snap.

Battery-Powered lights

Have a hard-to-reach corner of the yard? You no longer have to run extension cords with battery-powered Christmas light strings. These long-lasting electricity-free lights come in many colors configurations and with extra thin flexible wires.

White Wire Christmas Lights

If you live in a climate where there’s lots of snow, or want to run a string of lights around a white trim doorway or roofline without seeing obvious wires, white wire LED Christmas lights are the solution. While many stores only offer white lights on white wires, here you can find a full range of choices, from battery operated lights to orange strawberry lights to multi-color wide angle lights.

Rope Lights

LED rope lights spools are good for larger projects, such as outlining a building, decorating an RV, sprucing up the outside of restaurants and bars or adding contours to decks, patios, boats or handrails. They come in bulk spools of 150' or custom cut 3-foot sections and will last up to 10 times as long as incandescent rope light.