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Lighting up your bike with LED Christmas Lights

Bike lighted with LED Christmas Lights

The holidays may be over, but it’s still dark and wintry outside. And here’s a new use for LED light strings that you may not have considered before: decorating your bicycle.

It turns out this isn’t just something people do for the holidays. Some find that they’re useful for keeping visible on dark streets, and other cyclists just find that the lights make “me ridiculously happy.”

Some people just go for the simple route of winding an LED strand around a cargo basket, while others attempt more complicated designs that illuminate the entire bike frame. Battery powered LED strings are a perfect choice for illuminating your bike. You can secure the strands and battery packs with black electrician’s tape or simple duct tape.

Or, there are a number of bicycle-specific LED products like valve stem caps and other ideas coming to the market that promise to revolutionize the way bicycle lighting works:

Revolights. Join the revolution. from revolights on Vimeo.